Smartphone remembers places...

Location History Map Explorer can process the raw Google Location History recorded by your smartphone to show you an interactive map with places that you have visited.

View Map

View uncovered parts of the world map corresponding to individual location data recorded.

Search Places

View all discovered content around a specific location: search by address, place name, or latitude and longitude.

User Statistics

Display world exploration statistics, including discovered tiles, countries, and overall progress.


Process data recorded by any device with Google location services enabled—Android or iOS—and view it using any Windows or Mac computer.

Location History Map Explorer - Fog of War Map View

Look around the map

Enter an address and instantly view all discovered tiles around that location. Then tune your zoom settings

  • Search by address, or latitude & longitude
  • Discover tiles that you have explored in real life
  • Screenshot with a single click and Share it online
Location History Map Explorer - World View

Explore the world

The app will give you a visual overview of countries and states that you have visited.

  • Zoom out to see world's countries and states
  • Display personal statistics for each country
  • OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, & Google Maps integration
Location History Map Explorer - Player Achievements

Your exploration gamified

Keep track of your discoveries by displaying personal statistics showing your progress.

  • Unlock achievements as you gain more experience
  • Display progress for each country you have visited
  • Screenshot with a single click and Share it online

Our pricing

Discounted consumer beta version is available. Enterprise offering with lifetime support is coming soon.

Consumer (discounted BETA version)
$9 $9
one-time purchase w/ product hunt discountdiscount applied!
Mac & Windows binaries included
For personal, non-commercial, non-government use only
Pay with credit card


Reach out to us if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.